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Victorian Tiling

Period mosaic floor and wall schemes are found throughout the UK. Most tend to be very decorative and are usually either geometric or more detailed in their design using small pieces of either marble or ceramic known as tesserae. During the Victorian era the most popular and common choice of tile for most domestic homes was the tessellated geometric style.

The most common design that was used for exterior locations is the black and white chequerboard using a 2 inch square tile, bordered with a row of diagonally set square tiles with a black border either side. More elaborate and colourful designs were often used for hall floor interiors and featured what are now known as encaustic tiles at the intersections of the lattice element of the field.

Decorative period mosaics comprising smaller tesserae of marble, glass or ceramic were more commonly found at the entrances to commercial premises and would often feature the company name or logo and floral detailing. At London Mosaic Restoration we are able to reproduce such designs as well as restore such intact schemes requiring cleaning or repairs.

At London Mosaic we supply a comprehensive reproduction range suitable for interior and exterior use. For a hard wearing, practical and elegant flooring solution London Mosaic have the most extensive and ever expanding range of floor tile designs for both the traditional and contemporary home.

Victorian floor tiles supplied on sheets Victorian floor tiles supplied on sheets

New installation of Victorian chequerboard ceramic tiles supplied on sheets New installation of Victorian chequerboard ceramic tiles supplied on sheets
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